Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Candy Cane Contest Wrap Up

Congratulations to Faye and Harold Clarke who won the Candy Cane Contest. Thanks to everyone who participated!

For those of you that didn't get all the locations, here are the hints with the answers.

Hint #19 and 20:
H2O T. P. x 2 
Water treatment plants in Manitowaning and Sunsite

Hint #18:
On a 'holiday', you could launch your boat here.       
Boat launch by Manitoulin Resort

Hint #17:
The only place where they light the pavement up at night.    

Hint #16:
In a place called New England, you can hike and bike.         
McLean’s Park

 Hint #15:
In a tiny little valley, kids once went to school.
            Clover Valley

Hint #14:
Got mail?         Post office

Hint #13:
Some say in the south that highway signs are a thing of the past.
     Hwy sign-south of town on Hwy 6

Hint #12:
If leaving Highway 6, I bid you well.
    Corner of Bidwell and Hwy 6

Hint #11
It shone over the water to alert boats of danger.       

 Hint #10:
In the near future we will find hundreds of books located here.         
New Library building (Arthur/Queen St)

 Hint #9:
Summer days spent at the beach....

Hint #8:
Not too long ago, there was once a hydro pole paved into the middle of the road.
    Wiki turn off
 Hint #7:

It is 'Sun'ny in this Assiginack community.     
Sunsite Estates turn off
Hint #6:
Need info?       Information booth

Hint #5:
Out in the _ _ _ _ _, you will find a Christmas tree.   

 Hint #4
Got skates?    

Hint  #3
Got garbage? 

Hint  #2
We don't have to travel to Kagawong to see this fast running water.
High Falls

Hint  #1
Sick as a dog... better go to the ......  
Medical Clinic

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Grant For McLean's Park

It was with great excitement that the Township of Assiginack received the news that their application to the RBC’s Learn to Play grant program was successful. The Township received a cheque for $22,500 to make McLean’s Park a year round attraction for physical activity for residents and tourists alike.

RBC’s Learn to Play Project is all about improving physical literacy among children. They believe that physical literacy is as important to a child’s development as reading and writing. The more physical literate a child is, the more likely they will participate in sport and physical activities and this will help build confidence and self esteem.

With this in mind, the Township of Assiginack decided to put forward a grant application titled ‘Bike, Hike, Snowshoe and Ski’. This grant will allow the Township to clean up the trails and make them accessible so that all four activities can take place thus making it a year round park for physical activity. Not only that, but it will provide the necessary funding for proper signage, picnic tables, bicycle stands and a class set of snowshoes to be lent out to user groups.

We are hoping to begin this spring with the necessary renovations and hope to have it ready for the summer. 

Photo from left to right:

Mike Tass̩-Branch Manager North Shore, Kim Cooper- Assistant Branch Manager, Paul Moffatt-Reeve, Pat Cunningham РSenior Account Manager Aboriginal Banking

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Public Skating Hours During Christmas Break

Here are the public skating hours over the Christmas Holidays:

December 22nd      1-3 pm

December 24th       1-3 pm FREE SKATE sponsored by Manitowaning Minor Hockey Association

December 27th       1-3 pm

December 29th       1-3 pm

December 31st       6:30- 8 pm FREE SKATE WITH SNACKS  to follow, sponsored by the Township

January 2nd            6:30 - 8 pm

January 3rd            1-3 pm

Come on out and burn off some turkey and have fun!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Candy Cane Hint Summary

Here are the hints to dates from #1 to #14. Good luck!

Hint #14:
Got mail?

Hint #13:
Some say in the south that highway signs are a thing of the past.

Hint #12:
If leaving Highway 6, I bid you well.

Hint #11
It shone over the water to alert boats of danger.

Hint #10:
In the near future we will find hundreds of books located here.

Hint #9:
Summer days spent at the beach....

Hint #8:
Not too long ago, there was once a hydro pole paved into the middle of the road.

Hint #7:
It is 'Sun'ny in this Assiginack community.

Hint #6:
Need info?

Hint #5:
Out in the _ _ _ _ _, you will find a Christmas tree.

 Hint #4
Got skates?

Hint  #3
Got garbage?

Hint  #2
We don't have to travel to Kagawong to see this fast running water.

Hint  #1
Sick as a dog... better go to the ......

Entries are due in by December 20th for a chance to win $400 in gift certificates.

Monday, December 8, 2014

We Have a Winner!

Our Early Am Breakfast and Hockey program ended today but the kids sure had fun!

Partnering with Noojmowin Teg Health Centre, we were able to hold early morning hockey practices for the past three Mondays, followed by breakfast after.

Mark Peltier of Noojmowin Teg ran through 30 minutes of great and new hockey drills with the kids, followed by 15 minutes of scrimmage. We had kids as young as 6 and as old as 12 come out.

The kids loved it when it was time to play a game!

After they quickly got dressed and went out to the atrium for a yummy breakfast prepared by Melanie!

The final excitement came when we drew the name to see who would win the four Sudbury Wolves tickets!  Matthew G. won and was he ever excited!

Thanks Noojmowin Teg Health Centre, it was great working together with another community to make things happen!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Catch the Candy Cane Contest Hints

The second week of our Catch the Candy Cane contest is done.  Here are the hints for the week. Remember to find all 20 candy canes, jot down the locations and the number on the candy cane and hand it in by December 20th for a chance to win $400 in gift certificates!

Hint #8:
Not too long ago, there was once a hydro pole paved into the middle of the road.

Hint #7:
It is 'Sun'ny in this Assiginack community.

Hint #6:
Need info?

Hint #5:
Out in the _ _ _ _ _, you will find a Christmas tree.

Hint #4
Got skates?

Hint  #3
Got garbage?

Hint  #2
We don't have to travel to Kagawong to see this fast running water.

Hint  #1
Sick as a dog... better go to the ......

Stay tuned to our facebook page for more hints. There are $400 in gift certificates up for grabs!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Candy Cane Contest Hints

Our first week of the Catch the Candy Cane contest has come and gone! For all the details of the contest, go here

Here is a summary of the hints from last week:

Hint  #3
Got garbage?

Hint  #2
We don't have to travel to Kagawong to see this fast running water.

Hint  #1
Sick as a dog... better go to the ......

Stay tuned to our facebook page for more hints! Remember there are $400 in gift certificates from local businesses up for grabs!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

December Events

We are busy in December with fun activities happening in and around the municipality.

Up till December 20th, our Candy Cane Contest is taking place.  Get out there and find those candy canes around the whole township. Hints will be posted on our fb page as well as here and at the local post office. There is $400 worth of gift certificates from local businesses up for grabs!

December 22nd is an Ornament Decorating event to kick off the start of holidays for the school kids. It will take place in the morning at the arena. Details will soon follow.

December 24th is the annual Visit with Santa at our Christmas tree with a warm bonfire and fun visiting. 

December 31st is our New Year's Eve skate for everyone to come out and have some fun and refreshments.

Mark your calendars so you don't miss out on any events!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fun Contest with Prizes!



Between November 20th and December 20th, 2014,  20 - two foot candy canes will be hidden throughout the Township of Assiginack.

Residents of Manitoulin Island will be encouraged to find all 20 candy canes. Record all 20 locations with the number of each candy cane, and your name will be entered into a draw. Only those that have the addresses of all 20 candy canes with the number of each candy cane marked at each location, will have their names entered. Send in your entries to info@assiginack.ca or drop off at the municipal office.

Hints will be given out on our facebook page (Township of Assiginack) throughout the month, ‘like’ us so you don’t miss out!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Early Bird Hockey and Breakfast

WHEN: Mondays - November 24, December 1, December 8, 2014

WHERE: Assiginack Arena

WHAT: Youth of all ages come out and play hockey from 7:15-8 am, followed by breakfast till 8:30 am. Full equipment required.

COST: no charge, just be active!

INCENTIVE: Every time a youth comes out, they get their name entered in a draw to win 4 Sudbury Wolves Game Tickets.

If there are any concerns with not being able to get your child to arena or school, please contact Jackie White at 859-3196 to find a solution.

This program is being run in partnership with the Township of Assiginack and Noojmowin Teg Health Centre. 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Arena-Skating Schedule

The ice is in and the arena is open!
Check out the schedule here to see where you can come out and get a bit of exercise, enjoy a fun sport and have fun!

Adult Skate (19 years +) & Coffee Clutch   (social time)
Wednesday 4 - 5 pm

Family Skate
Friday 6:30 - 8 pm
Saturday 1 - 3 pm

$2.00 - 12 years and under
$4.00 - 13 years and older
Season Pass
$56.50 Single
$67.80 Family
Includes Christmas and March  Break skating schedule.
Ice is available for private rentals. To rent the ice, the cost is $85/hour plus HST = $96.50

Remember our local hockey players have home games starting at 1 pm on Sundays!
For more information, call Annette at the arena at 705 859-3219

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Festival Recap

What a fabulous time our first ever Pumpkin Festival turned out to be!  With games for kids, amazing craft vendors, and a delicious lunch by St. Paul's Anglican and Knox United churches.  

The most popular event for the kids was the horse and wagon rides provided by Bob Case. 

For adults, it was watching the four great catapults launch their pumpkins into the field. Del Sousa (Hugh Moggy's son in law) and Andy Roque were the champions of this event.

Everyone loved watching kids and adults alike stick their hands into this bowl of goo to pull out a seed for the Seed Spitting Contest!

Below are the winners of the baking and decorating contests. 

Baking Contest
Thanks to Susan Holmes, the judge for baking!

1st place: Danny James, Malachi Putman, Von Clayton and Joel Lovelace
2nd Place: Ella Stewart, Connor Phillips, Jasmine Hrynyk-Seabrook, Karlee Lentir and Peyton Pitawanakwat
3rd Place: Ryan Jones and Jason Quackenbush

Judge's Choice: Sarah and Elena Hovingh, Sophie Bondi and Maylen Moffatt

1st Place: Vivian Villeneuve
2nd Place: James Mann

Best Decorated Pumpkins:
Thanks to Councillor Brenda Reid, the judge for best decorated!

 7 and under
1st Place: Tieren Noble Stone
2nd Place: Grace Pennie
3rd Place: Alexis MacDonald

8 & 9 years 
1st Place: Amanda Jones
2nd Place: Jocelyn Kuntsi
3rd Place: Emily Roque

10 +
1st Place: Hailey Van Den Heuvel
2nd Place: Lane Phillips
3rd Place: Chloe Peltier

Judge's Choice: Jack Pennie

Thanks to all the great volunteers that came out and made it such a fun time and thanks to everyone who participated. We have wonderful community spirit!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Night To Celebrate Debbie Robinson

She moves quietly through the community touching the lives of everyone she meets by offering assistance, a smile, an encouraging word or song. Debbie Robinson is one of those rare and unique people that has a positive attitude in absolutely everything she does, and what she does is to try and make our community a better place. Assiginack is so lucky to have such an amazing person among us. On Monday night we were able to show Debbie just how much she was appreciated by a celebration at St. Paul’s Church followed by a potluck and social.

Deb receiving a picture of St. Paul's done by her 'favourite photographer' Peter Baumgarten. Presented by People's Warden of St. Paul's - Freda Bond.

Her 30 years of continued dedication to the municipality as the Librarian have been appreciated and counted on. No one knows the books in the library like Debbie does. Library Board member Heather Pennie has this to say about her ‘Debbie's love of books and dedication to her job as librarian is very evident to anyone who enters the Assiginack Library. Her face lights up when a patron asks for assistance or recommendations.’
Debbie receiving flowers from Les Fields

Past summer student Miranda Maguire was reached; “Debbie is great to work with. She is patient, upbeat and dedicated to her role with the library. She has a real passion for making the library a place where people of all ages are welcome to read and learn. Debbie always goes above and beyond to ensure the library is meeting the needs of Assiginack, and has helped make the library a pillar in the community.’

Debbie and her library career must have had an impact on Ms. Maguire, as she stated, ‘After working at the library I went on to complete the Library & Information Science program at Western University and have worked in libraries in Alberta and Ontario over the past several years.’
Alton Hobbs, the CAO for the municipality is quoted; “there is a law in physics that says an object can’t be in two places at once.  Deb Robinson makes me question that”.

We saw her talent at singing get rewarded earlier this spring as the announcement came that she was to be inducted into the Northern Ontario Country Music Hall of Fame this November. Many residents have heard her beautiful voice first hand as she has sung at so many celebrations of marriage and life.
Where you can always hear her sing is at St. Paul’s every Monday night for church service. Debbie has been attending church for decades and has an absolute devotion to St. Paul’s. It is here that we often see her baking, serving at lunches or dinners that St. Paul’s has so often as fundraisers to keep its doors open. Debbie has been serving as President of the Anglican Church Women’s group for years now, ensuring that St. Paul’s does what it can to help others.

Debbie has a moment for everyone and now it was our turn to take a moment out of our lives and say thank you.
Debbie and Dave Smith, who accompanies Deb on the organ.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Festival Is Almost Here!

The Municipality of Assiginack is gearing up to host its first ever Pumpkin Festival on October 26th from 11 am – 3 pm at the fairgrounds adjacent to the arena.

We have a whole pile of pumpkin activities planned so that there is something for everyone. Perhaps the most entertaining, and a first for the island is the Pumpkin Catapult contest in which people can build their own catapult and the one that throws the pumpkin the furthest wins $100 cash. Get your designs sketched and start building! Further instructions can be found on our website at assiginack.ca

As well as the catapult competition we have other contests that everyone can compete in. There is a baking contest in which you bake a dessert with pumpkin in it. A best decorated/carved pumpkin contest is happening for kids as well as a recycling contest in which you build something fall related out of recycled material. Why not enter one of the contests or get your kids to enter?  Bring your item down before noon to be considered for prizes.

We are going to have games for kids in the tennis courts from 11:30 to 1 pm.  We will even have a seed spitting contest and may even get a few councillors to compete! The ever popular horse and wagon rides will be taking place between 11:30 and 2:30 pm.

To top the day off, we have a great line up of craft vendors that will be displaying their items for sale as well as lunch available in the canteen by the Knox United Church and St. Paul’s Anglican Church.
Come on out and enjoy the pumpkin festivities.

Pumpkin Festival

We are holding a Pumpkin Festival, complete with a crazy pumpkin chuckin' contest!

Photo: We found a catapult being built and snapped a pic before they noticed.. A $100 cash prize is up for grabs for the catapult that launches the pumpkin the furthest! http://assiginack.blogspot.ca/p/we-are-holding-pumpkin-festival.html

The event will take place on Sunday October 26, 2014 from 11 am - 3 pm.

11-3 pm Craft vendors
11:30-2:30 horse and wagon rides
11:30-1:00 pm games for kids
1 pm seed spitting contest with local celebrities
1:30 pm pumpkin catapult

Contests - entries to be in by noon
Baking contest          
Best decorated/carved for kids 
Recycling contest...   build something from recycled materials
Seed spitting contest  with  local celebrities

Pumpkin Catapult Contest - $100 cash prize
Get your creative juices flowing to build a catapult that will throw your pumpkin the furthest.  
1. You must supply your own pumpkins (3-5 needed). Pumpkins must weigh between 2-10 pounds.
2. Machine shall consist of springs, cords, rubber, dead weights, or other mechanical means of creating     stored energy.
3. A mechanical device may be used to cock the machine.
4. These machines need a back stop.
5. Youth in pits must be under adult supervision at all times.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Public Library Week

Next week is Public Library Week.
October 20-25th classes from Assiginack Public School will be heading down to chat with our friendly Librarian.

If you pop in next week, you can enter your name in a draw to win a great prize!

While you are in, why not ask Debbie about Overdrive. This is an amazing online system of e-books for free at your disposal!

This is the perfect way to check out books from home and download them onto your computer, without the cost of buying a book online!

Overdrive is a shared collection of e-books and audio books available to you. Our library has paid the membership fee to be a part of this program. Members of the library just need to come in and get a number from the Librarian and you are good to go!

This really is a wonderful way to read when you realize at 9 pm that you wish you had gone to the library for a book, or when you are at camp and there is no internet and you forgot to check out a book. Simply download your books before you head out and you have your reading material for the weekend!

Stop in today and speak to the Librarian about getting set up for Overdrive and never be without reading material again!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pics From Harvest Glory Days

You only have to drive through Assiginack to see that this town has what it takes in spirit and community pride.
When the Expositor put out their 'Harvest Glory Days' challenge, Assiginack not only rose to the challenge, but surpassed all expectations of decorating their town.

Take a look at the pics below, we only captured some, but be sure to drive around as there are literally dozens more decorated!

These are from Walcot Street in Manitowaning.

Wellington Street

Napier Street

Arthur Street

Spragge Street

Clover Valley

Highway 6 

Take a drive and enjoy the fall in Assiginack!