Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Two Time Published Author Coming to Assiginack Library

How often does our town get the opportunity to have an author visit us and tell us about her new book, her writing process and a few good stories?

Just such an event is happening on February 20th at 7 pm, when the Assiginack Public Library will host Terry Lynn Johnson, author of 'Dogsled Dreams' and her soon to be released book 'Ice Dogs'.

Terry's new book 'Ice Dogs' is about 14 year old dogsledder Victoria Secord feeling lost ever since her father died.  She is a champion musher, and thanks to her father an expert in wilderness survival in Alaska.  When she comes across a hurt 'city boy' and an unexpected snow storm, hurdles are thrown at Victoria and her dog team that seem insurmountable.  Food runs out, the temperature drops and Victoria must find a way to get them all back home.

Ice Dogs

This wonderful author has a very busy life.  When she is not writing, she works as Conservation Officer, and prior to that as a Park Ranger and a musher.   She loves being active outdoors whether it be hiking, snowshoeing or kayaking.

Terry Lynn Johnson

Having read both of Terry's books, they are not only great for young adults, but middle age kids and adults of any age.   The story grips you right from the start and you can't help but keep reading till you hit the back cover.   

Terry is a natural story teller as well.   She has a great sense of humour, so much so that one of her articles ( on dog poop) won the Dog Writers of America Maxwell Medallion of Excellence in humour writing.  Her naked-bear-and-the-chainsaw story is legendary.

Her first book 'Dogsled Dreams' is about 12 year old Rebecca who dreams about the day she will become a sled dog racer.   Her trials and challenges are shared as she learns the true bond that exists between her and her dogs.

Come out and enjoy an evening of fun, laughter and learn a bit about dogsledding, nature and a really great author.

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