Monday, April 28, 2014

Creating a Barn Quilt

Have you heard of our Barn Quilt Tour?   We are trying to promote the barn quilt tour here on Manitoulin Island.   At our township office we have the boards available for a price of $40, pick one up, paint it following our guidelines, hang it on your barn or some other interesting place and we reimburse you $20.

We interviewed one of our barn quilt enthusiasts recently.  Delmer Fields started this venture and had no idea how much he would enjoy it.  So much so that he is on his third barn quilt!

This is the first one that Delmer did, he found a quilt block on the public domain and printed it off.  Did some quick calculations to figure out measurements, drew it out, taped and painted it.  

Once he finished this one, the 'quilting bug' bit him so to speak.  He never considered himself a quilter even though his mother always had a quilt in a frame in the house, but he is exceptionally talented when it comes to wood.   This is just a stretch in another artistic direction for him.

When I visited him, he had already started his second one. He had put on two colours and was just about to take the tape off.   

 Here it is with all the tape off.  Delmer is now going to retape for the next colour of his barn quilt.

When asked about his third one, he quietly admitted he was thinking of designing his own based on a sun catcher. Below is his source of inspiration.

This is what he designed for his next barn quilt.

No doubt we have a quilt artist in our municipality.  If you want to join in on our island wide Barn Quilt Tour, go here for more information, or give us a call at 705 859-3196.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Southeast Manitoulin Lion's Club

Southeast Manitoulin Lion’s Club boasts of an organization that has been in our area for decades.  From South Bay Mouth to Tehkummah to Assiginack, they are there to help.   Yet most times they go about their work in a quiet, often unseen manner.    

Over the years they have donated to the community playground at the school, Neighbourhood Watch program, Crime Stoppers, local churches, the Sandfield, Tehkummah and Assiginack Fire Departments, and many other organizations that need financial assistance.

The Lion’s Club also pays for six lifeline support programs monthly in Manitowaning, and they have medical equipment such as wheel chairs, walkers, etc. to be lent out free of charge to those in need.
They are a community minded organization that you see every summer as they host their wonderful ‘Summerfest’ event.   The money raised at this gathering as well as the sale of Nevada tickets at the pharmacy helps fund all the different areas that they support. 

Unfortunately over time, their membership has dwindled so they only have 12 members left.  They would love to have more people, especially those younger than themselves join their organization. To be a member ‘you get the satisfaction of assisting friends, family and your community with others that have the same goals in mind – to have fun and help the community doing it.’

They meet twice a month in the Lion’s Den at the curling club. At the meetings, they handle requests, donations, and planning of events.  Lion member Marilyn Moggy (from the Bidwell) has been involved with the club for 14 years.   She says that ‘she enjoys being able to do things for the community and belonging to the organization.’

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Marilyn Moggy.  Or leave a comment here and a member will get in touch with you.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Are you on the list of voters for the upcoming municipal and school board elections?

Assiginack residents can now find out whether their information is confirmed and updated for the upcoming municipal and school board elections at is an online service used to build and maintain information that will be used in the preparation of the final Voters’ Lists across Ontario. You can also change/update your school support for electoral purposes and add names to your property address.

Accessing is easy! To confirm your information is accurately recorded for the upcoming elections, you need to supply:
·        Your name  and date of birth and,
·        Your town/city, property address or assessment roll number, included on your latest Property Assessment Notice.
Using, you can confirm your elector eligibility or update your electoral information. For more information, call 1-866-296-6722.

Have your say. Log on today.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Please note that the Municipal Office will be closed at noon on Friday April 11, 2014 for the remainder of the day.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Coming Events this Spring

We have so many great events to tell you about.   Some for kids, some for adults and some for families. But all of them guaranteed to be lots of fun!

First up is April 9th, not only is it the day of the Blood Donor Clinic in Little Current, but it is the Day of Pink, the International day against bullying, discrimination, homophobia, and transphobia in schools and communities.  Be sure to wear pink on Wednesday.

May 26, June 2nd, 9th and 16th from 6:30 - 8 pm - Ball Hockey Nights for kids.  A drop in evening of a fun sport playing ball hockey.   Kids of all ages are encouraged to come out and bring helmet with cage, gloves, sticks and shin pads.   Cost per session is $1.

May 27th brings a flashback to the 60's with a 'Happy Days Cafe' for adults who want to visit the past and remember what life was like back in the 60's.  With memoribilia on display from that time, and craft exhibitors with their work, bring your favourite item from back then, come out, grab a coffee and have some fun.   Cost $2.

June 4th for Assiginack kids brings 'Bike Safety and Fun' brought by OPP Officer Rob Mellan at the arena parking lot from 6:30-8pm.   Kids can bring their bikes and helmets and Officer Mellan will check them out, do some fun activities and teach them about bike safety.  Be sure to bring your child out so they can bike safely this summer.
When you plant your garden this spring, throw in a few pumpkin seeds because we are having our first ever Pumpkin Festival.   It will have pumpkin races, seed spitting contests, and even a pumpkin catapult!  This fun event will happen on October 26th at the fairgrounds.

In June for 2 weeks commencing on June 16th and finishing up on Canada Day, we are having Assiginack participate in a Pay It Forward campaign.  For 14 days we are going to turn our township into a community of people doing good deeds/nice things for others.   It will end with a huge celebration on Canada Day at the beach for everyone.   There might even be an auction of some celebrity folk!   (sshhh....we haven't told our Reeve that we are planning to auction him off to the highest bidder=)

Our Barn Quilt Tour is ongoing and we are selling our barn quilt boards at a steady pace.  Don't wait to long to pick up a board and paint a great quilt design on it!  Details are here.

Mosaic Star barn quilt...
courtesy of Mosaic Star by velvetqueen3 on Flickr