Monday, April 28, 2014

Creating a Barn Quilt

Have you heard of our Barn Quilt Tour?   We are trying to promote the barn quilt tour here on Manitoulin Island.   At our township office we have the boards available for a price of $40, pick one up, paint it following our guidelines, hang it on your barn or some other interesting place and we reimburse you $20.

We interviewed one of our barn quilt enthusiasts recently.  Delmer Fields started this venture and had no idea how much he would enjoy it.  So much so that he is on his third barn quilt!

This is the first one that Delmer did, he found a quilt block on the public domain and printed it off.  Did some quick calculations to figure out measurements, drew it out, taped and painted it.  

Once he finished this one, the 'quilting bug' bit him so to speak.  He never considered himself a quilter even though his mother always had a quilt in a frame in the house, but he is exceptionally talented when it comes to wood.   This is just a stretch in another artistic direction for him.

When I visited him, he had already started his second one. He had put on two colours and was just about to take the tape off.   

 Here it is with all the tape off.  Delmer is now going to retape for the next colour of his barn quilt.

When asked about his third one, he quietly admitted he was thinking of designing his own based on a sun catcher. Below is his source of inspiration.

This is what he designed for his next barn quilt.

No doubt we have a quilt artist in our municipality.  If you want to join in on our island wide Barn Quilt Tour, go here for more information, or give us a call at 705 859-3196.

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