Monday, April 21, 2014

Southeast Manitoulin Lion's Club

Southeast Manitoulin Lion’s Club boasts of an organization that has been in our area for decades.  From South Bay Mouth to Tehkummah to Assiginack, they are there to help.   Yet most times they go about their work in a quiet, often unseen manner.    

Over the years they have donated to the community playground at the school, Neighbourhood Watch program, Crime Stoppers, local churches, the Sandfield, Tehkummah and Assiginack Fire Departments, and many other organizations that need financial assistance.

The Lion’s Club also pays for six lifeline support programs monthly in Manitowaning, and they have medical equipment such as wheel chairs, walkers, etc. to be lent out free of charge to those in need.
They are a community minded organization that you see every summer as they host their wonderful ‘Summerfest’ event.   The money raised at this gathering as well as the sale of Nevada tickets at the pharmacy helps fund all the different areas that they support. 

Unfortunately over time, their membership has dwindled so they only have 12 members left.  They would love to have more people, especially those younger than themselves join their organization. To be a member ‘you get the satisfaction of assisting friends, family and your community with others that have the same goals in mind – to have fun and help the community doing it.’

They meet twice a month in the Lion’s Den at the curling club. At the meetings, they handle requests, donations, and planning of events.  Lion member Marilyn Moggy (from the Bidwell) has been involved with the club for 14 years.   She says that ‘she enjoys being able to do things for the community and belonging to the organization.’

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Marilyn Moggy.  Or leave a comment here and a member will get in touch with you.

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