Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pay It Forward

Have you heard the expression 'Pay It Forward'?   Often heard about with paying for an extra coffee at Tim Horton's drive thru and the next person gets a free coffee.

But it is much more than that.  It talks about doing random acts of kindness called RAOK's to others.   There was a movie that went viral in 2000 and since then, it springs up now and again.

The Township of Assiginack is going to launch a Pay It Forward campaign for 2 weeks starting June 16th.   It will end on Canada Day at the beach with a big party.

We are encouraging residents to do a RAOK to a neighbour, a child, a friend or a stranger.

Some may wonder what to do, ideas are everywhere.   Whether you visit a sick person, write a child a letter, take someone's garbage to the dump or just pay someone a compliment will qualify for a random act of kindness.

On the internet you can find ideas here, here, and here!

We would love to hear what you do.  Drop us a comment here, send us an email, or give us a call.  Your name will be withheld, we just want to know that RAOK's are happening!

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  1. Grant & Nancy MoggyJune 24, 2014 at 5:53 PM

    It actually seems sad to think that people have to be reminded to "Pay it Forward" or do RAOK for someone. I have spent my life doing nice things for people whether at work, or on a personal level. Most times you get a "thanks", but even if you don't, its a good feeling to do "something nice" for someone!
    Our RAOK this past week was to donate a couch, 2 love seats, a recliner and a coffee table to a family with a handicapped child moving to Manitoulin. They had absolutely NO furniture to get started. We could have sold these pieces of furniture, but when we heard about this family it just felt good to GIVE this furniture to them!!

  2. Good morning Jackie,
    I just sat down this morning to read the paper and saw your wonderful new "pay it forward" challenge. Without knowing about this, earlier this week, we had guests in from Alberta who came to the door looking for a room; of course we invited them in and showed them the room and they chose to stay. After a brief chat, they told us that she was in Ontario to receive experimental treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital and had to stay for two weeks, so decided to take a short vacation. Her husband also happened to be a country musician, and they very generously gave us and the rest of our guests a private concert. It was wonderful!
    Gord and I talked later that evening and we decided to "pay it forward" and give them an extended stay at no charge, as we know how expensive it can be to have to travel out of town for medical treatment, and we felt that with all of the blessings we have received over the past few years, this was the least we could do.
    We had no intention of sharing this information, and then we heard about this wonderful challenge and thought we should share what we had done.
    "Kudo's" to you and the Township of Assiginack for your continued work of kindness and generosity. Charlene and Gord