Friday, July 4, 2014

A Great Time At Canada Day

Hats off to the Summer Recreation staff for putting on a super time at the beach on July 1st.  There was a pile of games for kids, prizes, food and lots of fun.

We also had a draw for our Pay It Forward campaign and 10 year old Drake won it.  Drake had done several acts of kindness including paid compliments to others, left tips for servers, held open doors and served others before himself.   Way to go Drake!

There were several other random acts of kindness throughout the two weeks that we heard about, many being from children.  They include:
- volunteering at a scout camp to help kids
- clean out desks at school
- helped parents load car to come to beach
- cleaned room
- shared toys with sister
- said nice things to people
- helped educate people 
- assisted an elder person launch boat
- gave friend a toy when she had lost one
- gave a loonie to a person in a store 
- held the door open
- gave a ride to someone in need
- organized a show at school
- cleaned bathroom
- watered grandma's flowers
-left money for the next person to pay for their order at local restaurant
- caught fish and gave them to someone in the community
- volunteered at the school for track and field

How wonderful random acts of kindness are for others!
Fantastic job residents.  Imagine if we made an effort to do one random act of kindness every single day?


  1. Good job everyone! Day at the beach was a lot of fun and the pay it forward was a grest idea!

  2. it was a great day, lots of sun, lots of fun, lots of people, lots of food
    well done