Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Library Had A Party!

A birthday party that is. Assiginack Public Library turned 75 this year, and librarian Debbie Robinson made sure there was a celebration.

Debbie put in many late nights to ensure that each decade was documented with literature, pictures and fun stories. Last week it all came to fruition with a birthday party in the library.

Did you know that from the library's conception in 1939 until 1956, it was ran all by volunteers?

There was a huge turnout, all there to celebrate what the library means to those in the community.
Debbie gave a great speech in which she hilighted on the decades and how the library came to be where it is today. It has certainly moved throughout the town in various locations.

When it came time to cut the cake, two lovely ladies stepped forward and Debbie explained that their father, Dr. A. Marshall Laverty was the first chairman of the library board, and played a big part in getting the library for the community. 

MaryAnn DeChastelain and Lea Rutherford cut the cake.

There were 6 decades of library board members present.

From left to right: David Smith, Marg Reckahn, Viv Lafraniere, Kay Virtanen, Marie Butler, Marilyn Moggy, Alison Greenhill, Catherine Bassett, sitting-Debbie Robinson.

Debbie made a point of introducing Richard, a guy who has helped her tremendously throughout the last few years doing whatever was asked of him. She stated she will miss him as he and his family move down south, but she made sure she gave him addresses to all seven of the libraries in the area of his new home!

It was a wonderful evening of history, friendship and cake!  As Debbie stated, "It isn't just about the books in this library!"

Here's to 75 more Assiginack Public Library!

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