Monday, September 29, 2014

Election 2014

October 27, 2014 is Election Day.

The candidates are listed below.

NAME OF CANDIDATE                                                               OFFICE
                                                                                                                                                                                   Paul Moffatt                                                      REEVE    ACCLAIMED
                 Cole Bowerman                                                                           Councillor
     Robert Case                                                                                 Councillor
                 Fionn Closs                                                                                   Councillor
     Leslie Fields                                                                                 Councillor
                 Hugh Moggy                                                                                Councillor
                 Brenda Reid                                                                                 Councillor

                 Maureen Egan                                               Public School English Trustee

                 Larry Killens                                                  Public School English Trustee

The first week of October you will be receiving your Vote By Mail kits.  Read the note below, and if it is too small, just click this link to read it in a larger font.

While your kit filled with envelopes and paper may seem a bit daunting, it really is quite simple. There is an excellent video here to show you exactly what to do.

Once you have filled it out you can simply drop it in the mail or return it to the municipal office. At any time, you can drop by the office if you need any assistance or be given a private area to vote.

On Election Day, October 27th, 2014, there will a polling station at the arena so you may vote then if you choose.

As always, if you have any questions, give us a call at the municipal office at         705 859-3196 and we will be happy to help.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Assiginack P.S. Has School Spirit

This week Assiginack Public School surpassed all expectations of spirit.
The Terry Fox run took place at the school earlier in the week, but it wasn't your typical run by any stretch of the imagination. Kids and teachers alike all ran with a sticker on their shirt stating who they were running for. Names such as 'poppa, my dad, grandma' decorated their shirts and pulled at your heartstrings as they ran around the school yard. 

A group of four students in conjunction with Mrs. Peltier (pictured below) used their imagination and came up with a set of benchmarks for the students.  If they raised certain amounts of money, staff would have to do something uncomfortable . Things like an extended recess, the principal kissing a dog, pie in the face, dyeing hair pink were all challenges issued to the students if they raised up to $500.

Typical Assiginack P.S. kids rose to the challenge and surpassed all goals and raised just over $2,000 towards the Terry Fox run!

When the dollar value was announced, the students went wild. Staff agreed since they raised so much money that they would do everything.

 First up is Mrs. Stringer kissing a dog.

Next came Ms. Heather Pennie and Ms. Ferguson getting a pie in the face by the 2 students that raised the most money.

Mrs. Lara Pennie, Mrs. Stewart and Mr. Mailloux had agreed to get their hair dyed pink. The female teachers showed up at school with pink hair, but Mr. Mailloux showed up wearing a toque so the students could not see  what shade of pink it was until the end of the day. Needless to say the applause was deafening!

Great fun for a great cause.  Way to go Assiginack Public School!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Computer Classes for Seniors

The Township of Assiginack has received a grant to encourage seniors to learn computers.
Sessions are as follows:

Introduction to Beginners (for those that have never touched a computer or very limited knowledge) 
Oct 6 and 20, 2014,  9 am -12 pm

 Oct 27, Nov 3, 10, 17, 9am -12 pm

Jan 12, 19, 26, Feb 2, 9 am -12 pm 

Pictures - learn to upload, store, save, edit
Mar 9, 16, 9 am -12 pm 
All classes held at the Assiginack Public Library

Limited class size, participants must register at the municipal office in advance. No charge, limited number of  computers to use if participants don’t have their own.

Funded by 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Fun in Assiginack

We have so much going on right now in Assiginack, that fall is shaping up to be alot of fun!
Don't forget the Blood Donor Clinic on October 1st at NEMI arena.

Harvest Glory Days is taking place now with judging the week of October 12th by the Expositor.
We need everyone in Assiginack to participate. You have  two things to do. First fill out the form at the bottom of the page  in the black bar titled 'Harvest Glory Days', and email it to the Expositor. Then dress up your home or business so we can hold onto our title for one more year.

Assiginack is holding it's first ever Pumpkin Festival on October 26th at the fairgrounds. We have craft vendors coming, tons of contests and a pumpkin catapult contest for a $100 prize!  Details are here.

Let's talk Election 2014.

Here are a list of the candidates, note the Reeve's position is acclaimed, 4 councillors are to be elected and one Public School English Trustee:

NAME OF CANDIDATE                                                                         OFFICE                                                                                                                                                                                                        Paul Moffatt                                                                                 REEVE    ACCLAIMED
            Cole Bowerman                                                                             Councillor
Robert Case                                                                                   Councillor
            Fionn Closs                                                                                     Councillor
Leslie Fields                                                                                   Councillor
            Hugh Moggy                                                                                  Councillor
            Brenda Reid                                                                                   Councillor

         Maureen Egan                                                                              Public School English Trustee

         Larry Killens                                                                                 Public School English Trustee

First make sure you are on the Electors List here.

Now get out there and decorate your yard and build your pumpkin catapult!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Harvest Glory Days - Community Competition

It is that time again, the HARVEST GLORY DAYS community competition that puts neighbouring communities in a friendly rivalry to dress up their church, house, business and yard and see who wins the coveted award.

Last year Manitowaning took first place in their respective category and we are determined to hold onto our title for another year.

Judging will take place the week of October 12-18th so we want to be ready by then.  BUT one thing you can do now to really show the judges our enthusiasm to win, is submit the entry form.  You can download it right from the Expositor site and scroll right down to the bottom to the black bar and click on Harvest Glory Days. This gives them an indication as to how many people are supporting their community and also helps in the judging process!

Pictured below is St. Paul's display from 2013.  You would not believe what they have planned for this year!

Don't delay, get planning and send in your form to the Expositor saying you are willing to show your community spirit!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pumpkin Festival

We are holding a Pumpkin Festival, complete with a crazy pumpkin chuckin' contest!
The event will take place on Sunday October 26, 2014 from 11 am - 3 pm.

11-3 pm Craft vendors 
11:30-2:30 pm Horse and wagon rides
11:30-1:00 pm games for kids
1 pm seed spitting contest with local celebrities
1:30 pm pumpkin catapult

Baking contest            
Best decorated/carved for kids 
Recycling contest...   build something from recycled materials
Seed spitting contest  with  local celebrities

Pumpkin Catapult Contest - $100 cash prize

Get your creative juices flowing to build a catapult that will throw your pumpkin the furthest.  
1. You must supply your own pumpkins (3-5 needed). Pumpkins must weigh between 2-10 pounds.
2. Machine shall consist of springs, cords, rubber, dead weights, or other mechanical means of creating     stored energy.
3. A mechanical device may be used to cock the machine.
4. These machines need a back stop.
5. Youth in pits must be under adult supervision at all times.