Friday, September 26, 2014

Assiginack P.S. Has School Spirit

This week Assiginack Public School surpassed all expectations of spirit.
The Terry Fox run took place at the school earlier in the week, but it wasn't your typical run by any stretch of the imagination. Kids and teachers alike all ran with a sticker on their shirt stating who they were running for. Names such as 'poppa, my dad, grandma' decorated their shirts and pulled at your heartstrings as they ran around the school yard. 

A group of four students in conjunction with Mrs. Peltier (pictured below) used their imagination and came up with a set of benchmarks for the students.  If they raised certain amounts of money, staff would have to do something uncomfortable . Things like an extended recess, the principal kissing a dog, pie in the face, dyeing hair pink were all challenges issued to the students if they raised up to $500.

Typical Assiginack P.S. kids rose to the challenge and surpassed all goals and raised just over $2,000 towards the Terry Fox run!

When the dollar value was announced, the students went wild. Staff agreed since they raised so much money that they would do everything.

 First up is Mrs. Stringer kissing a dog.

Next came Ms. Heather Pennie and Ms. Ferguson getting a pie in the face by the 2 students that raised the most money.

Mrs. Lara Pennie, Mrs. Stewart and Mr. Mailloux had agreed to get their hair dyed pink. The female teachers showed up at school with pink hair, but Mr. Mailloux showed up wearing a toque so the students could not see  what shade of pink it was until the end of the day. Needless to say the applause was deafening!

Great fun for a great cause.  Way to go Assiginack Public School!

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