Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Night To Celebrate Debbie Robinson

She moves quietly through the community touching the lives of everyone she meets by offering assistance, a smile, an encouraging word or song. Debbie Robinson is one of those rare and unique people that has a positive attitude in absolutely everything she does, and what she does is to try and make our community a better place. Assiginack is so lucky to have such an amazing person among us. On Monday night we were able to show Debbie just how much she was appreciated by a celebration at St. Paul’s Church followed by a potluck and social.

Deb receiving a picture of St. Paul's done by her 'favourite photographer' Peter Baumgarten. Presented by People's Warden of St. Paul's - Freda Bond.

Her 30 years of continued dedication to the municipality as the Librarian have been appreciated and counted on. No one knows the books in the library like Debbie does. Library Board member Heather Pennie has this to say about her ‘Debbie's love of books and dedication to her job as librarian is very evident to anyone who enters the Assiginack Library. Her face lights up when a patron asks for assistance or recommendations.’
Debbie receiving flowers from Les Fields

Past summer student Miranda Maguire was reached; “Debbie is great to work with. She is patient, upbeat and dedicated to her role with the library. She has a real passion for making the library a place where people of all ages are welcome to read and learn. Debbie always goes above and beyond to ensure the library is meeting the needs of Assiginack, and has helped make the library a pillar in the community.’

Debbie and her library career must have had an impact on Ms. Maguire, as she stated, ‘After working at the library I went on to complete the Library & Information Science program at Western University and have worked in libraries in Alberta and Ontario over the past several years.’
Alton Hobbs, the CAO for the municipality is quoted; “there is a law in physics that says an object can’t be in two places at once.  Deb Robinson makes me question that”.

We saw her talent at singing get rewarded earlier this spring as the announcement came that she was to be inducted into the Northern Ontario Country Music Hall of Fame this November. Many residents have heard her beautiful voice first hand as she has sung at so many celebrations of marriage and life.
Where you can always hear her sing is at St. Paul’s every Monday night for church service. Debbie has been attending church for decades and has an absolute devotion to St. Paul’s. It is here that we often see her baking, serving at lunches or dinners that St. Paul’s has so often as fundraisers to keep its doors open. Debbie has been serving as President of the Anglican Church Women’s group for years now, ensuring that St. Paul’s does what it can to help others.

Debbie has a moment for everyone and now it was our turn to take a moment out of our lives and say thank you.
Debbie and Dave Smith, who accompanies Deb on the organ.

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