Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Candy Cane Contest Wrap Up

Congratulations to Faye and Harold Clarke who won the Candy Cane Contest. Thanks to everyone who participated!

For those of you that didn't get all the locations, here are the hints with the answers.

Hint #19 and 20:
H2O T. P. x 2 
Water treatment plants in Manitowaning and Sunsite

Hint #18:
On a 'holiday', you could launch your boat here.       
Boat launch by Manitoulin Resort

Hint #17:
The only place where they light the pavement up at night.    

Hint #16:
In a place called New England, you can hike and bike.         
McLean’s Park

 Hint #15:
In a tiny little valley, kids once went to school.
            Clover Valley

Hint #14:
Got mail?         Post office

Hint #13:
Some say in the south that highway signs are a thing of the past.
     Hwy sign-south of town on Hwy 6

Hint #12:
If leaving Highway 6, I bid you well.
    Corner of Bidwell and Hwy 6

Hint #11
It shone over the water to alert boats of danger.       

 Hint #10:
In the near future we will find hundreds of books located here.         
New Library building (Arthur/Queen St)

 Hint #9:
Summer days spent at the beach....

Hint #8:
Not too long ago, there was once a hydro pole paved into the middle of the road.
    Wiki turn off
 Hint #7:

It is 'Sun'ny in this Assiginack community.     
Sunsite Estates turn off
Hint #6:
Need info?       Information booth

Hint #5:
Out in the _ _ _ _ _, you will find a Christmas tree.   

 Hint #4
Got skates?    

Hint  #3
Got garbage? 

Hint  #2
We don't have to travel to Kagawong to see this fast running water.
High Falls

Hint  #1
Sick as a dog... better go to the ......  
Medical Clinic

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