Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Safer Internet Day

February 10th is the 12th Annual worldwide "Safer Internet Day".  This is an initiative to promote safer internet use for all users and aims to educate and raise awareness about protecting children online. There are many benefits to the internet, however let’s assure not to compromise safety or privacy.
Three important points to consider:
1. Inappropriate CONTENT - Remember that the internet is forever and everything posted online can be tracked/stored and will follow you, possibly into school and career paths.
2. Inappropriate CONTACT – Take time to learn how to recognize cyber-bullies, hackers and predators. People are not always who they say they are. The internet is a place to communicate with existing relationships but not to make new ones.
3. Inappropriate CONDUCT – The worldwide web can feel anonymous. Digital technology is public and anonymity is a myth. You are responsible for your behaviour so be a good person online and offline.
Apply the T.H.I.N.K. test before posting anything. If your material doesn’t pass the T.H.I.N.K. test, you may be breaking the law.
T – is it true?
H – is it hurtful?
I – is it illegal?
N – is it necessary?
K – is it kind?
Most new model phones have an option called geo-tagging. When you take a photo with your mobile device your picture can be tagged with a location. When you use certain applications, anyone you’re communicating with will then know your location. Do you want everyone in the world to know where you are?
Children may be more educated than the parent online but don’t let that stop you from becoming informed and having open communication with your children. Parents and guardians need to be accountable and responsible as they provide electronic devices to their children. Parenting takes on a new role, communication and monitoring your child’s online activities is critical.
If you require further information contact your local detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police at 1-888-310-1122.
Review the links below to learn and discuss a Safer Internet.

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