Thursday, May 28, 2015

Assiginack Enters the Manitoulin Trade Fair

We started out late at night collecting some friends.

Early the next day we headed out with a van and trailer filled with goodies to showcase our Manitoulin Deer Show to the thousands that pour into the Manitoulin Trade Fair.  We recruited some great help along the way!

We worked all day, but took time out for a coffee break, but ensured we did it in the theme of the booth!

Finally by mid afternoon, we got it ready for you!

Plus we are giving away a .22 rifle if you like us on facebook or twitter!

We have super fun t shirts to sell at $15! For kids, ladies and men of all sizes.

You can learn how you can win 3 more firearms at our Manitoulin Deer Show too!

WE have a large map of the island for you to plot whether you use bow, black powder or rifle to give us an idea of hunting types across Manitoulin.

And of course we have deer!  There are 3 hiding in amongst the booth!

Come by  booth #115 and say hello!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We Are at the Manitoulin Trade Fair

You heard it here!

Assiginack Township has a booth #115, to be exact, at the Manitoulin Trade Fair and do we have some fun things happening there.

You can pick up a brochure to find out all about our Manitoulin Deer Show and how you can win 3 guns at the deer show. Yes 3!

And a game camera, and a pile of door prizes to boot!

If you come to our booth at the trade fair,  fill out a ballot and like us on facebook or twitter, you can enter your name to win a Gun!  Yes a fourth gun giveaway. This one is a .22 with a scope!

Come on out to the Trade Fair and drop by, we even have t shirts for sale  at $15 each.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What's Happening This Summer

We want to be proactive and would like to alert you to some upcoming events and ensure you don’t miss anything fun within our community! There are more coming so check our facebook page regularily.

Summer Recreation Program – details will be released in  mid June, you can find information on our website at, this includes swim lessons.

Manitoulin Deer Show – August 22, 2015, can find information at Be sure to check out the 3 grand prizes that every hunter wants, super easy to enter the contests too!

Waterfront – We are doing some fun things down there this summer including adding some playground equipment.

McLean’s Park – is getting a facelift with new trails being made for hiking and biking.

Edible Community Gardens – we are once again encouraging all residents to plant a garden and reap some edible benefits from it.

Be sure to follow us on fb, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and our blog for up to date information!