Thursday, October 29, 2015

OPP Halloween Safety

On Saturday October 31st  the streets in our communities will become populated with excited children seeking special treats and goodies. Due to the excitement, these little trick or treaters tend to forget the basic safety rules, along with being dressed in dark coloured costumes the odds for safety are greatly against the motorists. So if you must drive that evening please be on the lookout for these children, as nobody wants to be responsible for an accident on this happy occasion.

Parents you also have a responsibility to make your child’s Halloween a safe and memorable one. Here is a list of a few Halloween safety tips,

• Make sure the child’s costume has bright colours, if not, fluorescent tape works wonders for visibility at night. If at all possible have your child carry a flashlight.

• Parents accompany your child on their outings, if unable make arrangements to have a reliable person to take them trick or treating.

• Teach and remind your child the basic safety rules of the road, to look both ways and to cross at intersections when traffic is clear.

• Remind children not to talk or except rides from strangers.

• Inspect all candy and fruits, beware of homemade candy and discard any unwrapped goods. Have children refrain from consuming goods until inspected by you.

• If your child wears a mask make sure it has sufficient eyeholes to see through.

If these simple rules are followed your child will enjoy a very happy and safe Halloween.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015 Fall Enewsletter

This is the enewsletter that we sent out to our residents and ratepayers. If you want to get it delivered right to your inbox, go to and click on the newsletter button.

We are trying to stay connected to you through various social media platforms to keep you informed of what our wonderful community of Assiginack has been up to. This letter is an overview of 2015 and lists both the challenges we continue to face, and all the fun events and activities that happened around our community.
This year saw the replacement of our streetlights with new LED lights which after payback should see a huge reduction in our energy costs for street lighting.  The solar panels on the public works garage roof continue to exceed projections and we are now expecting a reduced payback.  We continue to await the new Certificate of Approval for our landfill site, recycling depot expansion and so we again ask for your cooperation in recycling efforts. 
The new municipal office and council chambers are to be completed by year end.  This will allow the expansion of the library and allow that facility to better respond to the new and increasing demand for learning resources.
We continue to work with the Ontario Clean Water Agency to find cost savings and efficiencies in the operation of our water and wastewater systems.

 2015 has been a year in which we have dealt with increased costs in hydro-electricity, O.P.P. policing, social services and many other costs that we have no control over.  Over 20% of your municipal tax dollar flows out of the municipality to fund services we have no local say over.  Transportation and public works costs represent a further 16% of the budget and our Public Works crew works diligently to look after 100 kilometres of roads and be available for every demand that we have no other option for, often on very short notice.

Council is also working to take advantage of the increased communication options available through social media and we are also learning as we go but with a municipality as diverse as ours, it is a necessity to take advantage of every option technology makes available.
2015 started out with a new sliding hill made by our Public Works Department at the Information booth that quickly became a huge hit for kids! The Fire Department, always ready to step up and get involved, hosted a night slide that brought out over 100 enthusiastic kids and parents complete with hot chocolate and hot dogs.

The winter also allowed residents to borrow snowshoes from the municipality thanks to an RBC grant that encourages people to get out and be active. Assiginack Public School also borrowed the snowshoes so that the students could have the opportunity to learn a new activity.
Family Day had the residents at the arena and fairgrounds participating in a fun kids hockey tournament, sliding and snowshoeing with 2 local Special Olympians.  
During March break we ran our second annual craft nights filled with unique crafts and activities for children and parents to participate in. Similar to the year before, we sold out of every single class as kids learned to crochet, knit and build bird houses.
Assiginack is very fortunate to partner with Noojmowin Teg Health Centre that encourages kids to be active, throughout the year sessions including badminton, early morning hockey, karate, and floor hockey were conducted in Manitowaning.

We received a grant from Tree Canada that allowed us to plant edible trees at our waterfront and at the elementary school. We look forward to the edible part to happen in a couple years!
As always the summer brought about your summer recreation program for the kids to participate in which included camping, sports and swimming lessons at our beach.

July 1st we rocked the beach with a big Canada Day party and activities for kids and a fun cardboard boat race!

We were thrilled to receive a grant from Hydro One for playground equipment at our local beach and took the opportunity to expand the beach area and create a nice area for a playground in which more equipment will be added this coming spring. Thanks Public Works for a great job!
Summerfest was once again well attended with so many community members volunteering their time to make it happen.
Our newest addition to the community was the installation of a deer statue up at our Information Booth on highway 6 in an effort of attracting tourists to Assiginack.

Our second annual Whitetail Deer Show was held in August, and the attendance was fantastic and everyone enjoyed themselves. The talks from the guest speakers and the venison cook off were definitely highlights for the attendees! Plans are underway for the next one.
This fall our Public Works has done a major renovation and upgrade to McLean’s Park with a new parking lot, 3 new trails and we are planning to make it year round access by grooming our trails in the winter. Thanks RBC for the donation! 
Our website has undergone an upgrade in hopes of making it more user friendly to the public as well as more informative.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter found on our website
Our social media continues to increase in popularity so much so that we were ranked 13th in a recent survey that tabulated all 444 municipalities, in use of social media. Thanks to a twitter comment, one of our residents was mentioned by our M.P.P. Mike Mantha in Provincial Parliament.
Our local staff and residents donated fresh produce to the Manitoulin Food bank grown in their edible gardens throughout town.
Our seniors had the opportunity to take computer classes to keep them updated with all the technology changes and more connected in the community thanks to a provincial government grant. The Township also secured another grant in which allows computer classes to take place for a second year and those are currently underway and will continue into 2016.
We hosted a movie night at the arena for families this fall that brought 100 residents out as well as neighbouring communities.
Our barn quilt tour continues to garner attention from tourists, the map can be located on our website.

For the third year in a row Assiginack has won the Glory Days competition put on by the Manitoulin Expositor.
Our Pumpkin Festival took place October 25th and it was fun to see the kids decorating cupcakes and pumpkins and of course the excitement of the catapult competition is the popular grand finale!
As always, you can find us on facebook, twitter, and Instagram to keep up to speed on everything we are doing!
We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge all the community members that volunteer so much time in organizations around the municipality to make this place as vibrant as it is!  To that end, we need to point out the retirement of our Fire Chief Allan Elliott this fall after more than 40 years of service.  We really have no adequate way to say Thank You for all you have committed to our municipality, but we do appreciate it!


Mayor and Council

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pumpkin Festival Highlights

We had sunshine and a great turn out for the 2nd annual Pumpkin Festival in Assiginack. Here is a recap of the fun day we had.

Mayor Moffatt is sporting a target on his forehead for the seed spitting contest!

Every kid loved decorating and eating their cupcakes! Thanks Councillor Reid for donating everything for this!

Kids loved decorating their pumpkins with all sorts of fun faces. Thanks Ashley and Chrystal for helping!

There was pumpkin golf!

And pumpkin toss, that was pretty tricky!

Horse and wagon rides for everyone. Thanks Councillor Case!

There was a Best Centerpiece contest. Freda Bond took 1st, Joyce White 2nd, and Rowan Leblanc took 3rd.

Rowan Leblanc's adorable centerpiece.

Freda Bond's centerpiece.

 We even had cotton candy!

 Check out all the adorable decorated pumpkins!
In the 8-13 yrs of age for best decorated, Sandi Kuntsi placed 1st, Ben Pangowish 2nd and Grace P took 3rd.
In the 7 and under, Keaon MacDonald was 1st, Violet Bell took 2nd and Keenan was 3rd.
Thanks Betty Lou Quackenbush for helping Brenda judge the pumpkins.

Fun seed spitting contest, Lorraine MacDonald won it for the furthest distance. Thanks Councillor Fields for helping with the games and seed spitting!

Debaj with their award winning catapult.

Baking contest prizes went to Ashley Quackenbush with her pumpkin cake and Freda Bond with her cupcakes for 2nd place. Thanks Susan Holmes for judging!

 There were lots of vendors selling amazing baking, knitting and crafts. 

The perfect end to a great festival is a candy apple!  

Thanks to everyone that came out and participated!   

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pumpkin Festival Is Back!

Pumpkin Festival
  Sunday October  25th

11am -3 pm       Craft vendors
11:30-1:30 pm  Horse and wagon rides
12-1 pm             Decorate A Cupcake for kids
                           Decorate a Pumpkin for kids
                           Games for Kids
1:00 pm             Seed spitting contest
1:30 pm             Pumpkin catapult

Best decorated business /home $100 each-scarecrow themed
Best Centre piece made with a pumpkin, 1st , 2nd , 3rd, cash prizes (must be in by noon)
Baking contest (must be in by noon)
Best decorated/carved for kids 7 and under, 8-13 (must be in by noon)
Seed spitting contest  

            CATAPULT Contest  - $300, $200, $100 in prizes!!
1.      Pumpkins must weigh between 2 & 10 pounds.
2.      Machine shall consist of springs, cords, rubber, dead weights, or other mechanical means of creating a stored energy.
3.      A mechanical Device may be used to cock machine.
4.      These Machines need a Back Stop.
5.      Youth in pits must be under adult supervision at all times. 

6.      Horn/whistle or sound device must sound when firing down range for the safety of the spotter on the field.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We Are Getting New Streetlights!

LED Streetlight Project to Save Energy in Assiginack
Township Projected to Reduce Electrical Consumption by 71%

RealTerm Energy is proud to serve the Township of Assiginack by upgrading its streetlights to energy-efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs). Installation of the new fixtures begins the week of October 5 and is expected to be complete by mid-October. The LEDs will help reduce the Township’s electrical consumption by 71% and maintenance costs by 80% because LEDs last up to four times longer than the town’s existing streetlights.

In addition to energy efficiency, LED streetlights produce a whiter, cleaner light that is more targeted to light the street. The white light provides better visibility for people on the roads while the targeted lighting reduces light pollution.

The Municipality selected Local Authority Services (LAS) and its partner RealTerm Energy to assess its existing street light network, create an energy efficient and cost-effective street lighting design and coordinate the purchase of the new LED lights from CREE Canada, one of the world’s leading LED manufacturers. “The Township of Assiginack looks forward to working with RealTerm and LAS to bring LED street lighting to our communities.  Following a proven program with new technology that benefits our citizens in terms of both safety and cost savings is a win/win for everyone,” said Mayor Paul Moffatt. 

LAS and RealTerm Energy are leading LED streetlight upgrades across Ontario communities in over 130 other cities and towns including Espanola, Blind River and Barrie.

Project Overview

Total number of streetlights
Electricity consumption reduction
Estimated Annual Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction
6 metric tonnes - the equivalent of the GHG removed by 154 tree seedlings grown for ten years.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hunting Safety Tips

Great safe hunting tips! Taken from this website and shown below.

The Ontario Provincial Police will be working closely with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF)
Conservation Officers throughout this hunting season.  
Hunting enthusiasts shall understand and follow the rules when hunting:  
  • Wear solid hunter orange clothing including an orange head cover.  
  • Assure someone knows of your location, route, and date of return.  
  • Carry a map and compass with your GPS.  Don’t depend on electronic navigation devices only.  
  • Hunt only where you are permitted.
  • Check the weather and assure you have appropriate clothing and gear for the expected or unexpected changes in conditions.  
  • Learn how to safely build a fire, and carry the required supplies.
  • Keep hydrated and pack nutritious food.  
  • Never drink alcohol and hunt.
  • Carry a survival kit including a first aid kit with you.
Firearms and ammunition:
  • Firearms shall be handled with care and attention at all times.
  • Never shoot unless you are sure of your target and what lies beyond is safe.
  • It is illegal to carry a loaded firearm in or on a vehicle.
  • It is illegal to shoot from a vehicle.  
Hunting and home safety with children:
Children are playful and active while adolescents are curious and impulsive.  These healthy traits mixed with firearms
can cause life threatening injuries or death.  If guns are kept in the home, there are added risks.  Therefore the law
outlining the storage of firearms and ammunition shall be adhered to.  
  • Be specifically aware of your inventory when departing for your sporting adventure and upon your return.  Assure all firearms and unused ammunition has been accounted for and safely returned 
  • to their secure storage locations.  
  • When handling or cleaning a gun, never leave it unattended, even for a moment; it should be
  •  in your view at all times.  
  • If you don’t own a gun, check with parents at other places where your children play to assure safety precautions are followed.  
The consequences of unsafe storage of firearms/ammunition and unsupervised children can be tragic.  
Hunter and firearm safety is everyone’s responsibility.
Report any illegal or unsafe hunting activity; call the MNRF TIPS line at 1-877-847-7667, the OPP at 1-888-310-1122
or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.