Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pumpkin Festival Highlights

We had sunshine and a great turn out for the 2nd annual Pumpkin Festival in Assiginack. Here is a recap of the fun day we had.

Mayor Moffatt is sporting a target on his forehead for the seed spitting contest!

Every kid loved decorating and eating their cupcakes! Thanks Councillor Reid for donating everything for this!

Kids loved decorating their pumpkins with all sorts of fun faces. Thanks Ashley and Chrystal for helping!

There was pumpkin golf!

And pumpkin toss, that was pretty tricky!

Horse and wagon rides for everyone. Thanks Councillor Case!

There was a Best Centerpiece contest. Freda Bond took 1st, Joyce White 2nd, and Rowan Leblanc took 3rd.

Rowan Leblanc's adorable centerpiece.

Freda Bond's centerpiece.

 We even had cotton candy!

 Check out all the adorable decorated pumpkins!
In the 8-13 yrs of age for best decorated, Sandi Kuntsi placed 1st, Ben Pangowish 2nd and Grace P took 3rd.
In the 7 and under, Keaon MacDonald was 1st, Violet Bell took 2nd and Keenan was 3rd.
Thanks Betty Lou Quackenbush for helping Brenda judge the pumpkins.

Fun seed spitting contest, Lorraine MacDonald won it for the furthest distance. Thanks Councillor Fields for helping with the games and seed spitting!

Debaj with their award winning catapult.

Baking contest prizes went to Ashley Quackenbush with her pumpkin cake and Freda Bond with her cupcakes for 2nd place. Thanks Susan Holmes for judging!

 There were lots of vendors selling amazing baking, knitting and crafts. 

The perfect end to a great festival is a candy apple!  

Thanks to everyone that came out and participated!   

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