Wednesday, December 30, 2015

All the Candy Cane Contest Hints


To date the following hints are:
Hint #1: So many boxes, so much confusion, when you make a move down the street.

Hint #2: At the intersection of these 2 streets is the candy cane, you will find an amazing lodge if you go down the lane.

Hint #3:  Almost 70 years ago it dropped A_ _ _ _ R

Hint #4: Down the hill you hit the corner, go straight, go left, but right will not keep you afloat, you might hit a boat.

Hint #5: Where the water bills are high, find a pole and look up to the sky.

Hint #6: Saws, and hammers, lumber and nails.

Hint #7: You will find tiny little eggs in little boxes getting very cold and wet.

      Hint #8:  There is a tree that must be blessed as it is so close to the C_ _ _ _ H

      Hint #9: When you need a snack and the stores are closed, head 'WAY' over here.

      Hint #10: When one white ball goes away, another one comes out

      Hint #11: Where do you go when your two wheels are broke?

      Hint #12: We love our edible trees, even on a popular incline.

      Hint #13: It’s new, it’s green and it welcomes you.

       Hint #14:   Bridge over troubled waters.

Hint #15:  It’s the oldest one in northern Ontario.

Hint #16:  Is your internet working?  Let’s call ___ and find out.

Hint #17:  If it is an online auction you want... go no further.

Hint #18: Remember having all grades in one classroom?

Hint #19:  If it would just snow, we have all these snowshoes for you to take and hike around on our new trails.

Hint #20:  Kick up your heels and go for a ride.

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