Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Outdoor Movie and Computer Classses

Thanks to a grant from the Government of Ontario, the municipality is pleased to offer a set of interesting computer classes this fall/winter. For more information go here

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Tues. & Thurs. 10 am – 12 pm
Assiginack Public Library

Getting Connected
Google Hangouts                                                Sept 13, 15
Social Media                                                       Sept 20, 22
Cell Phones                                                         Sept 27, 29
Ipads/Tablets                                                       Oct 4, 6
Frauds and Scams                                               Oct 11
Healthy Living
East Local Health Integration Network              Oct 13
Healthy eating on a fixed income                       Oct 18, 20
Stay on your feet                                                 Oct 25, 27
Cooking for One                                                 Nov 1, 3

Budget in a Baggie                                                Nov 8
Internet Banking                                                    Nov 10
Managing and protecting your assets                    Nov 15, 17
Planning for possible loss of independence           Nov 22
Planning for your future housing needs                 Nov 24
Budget in a Baggie - part two - a follow up           Nov 29
Live Long and Prosper                                           Dec 1
Life Annuities                                                         Dec 6
Financial Abuse                                                      Dec 8
Planning ahead - funerals and wills                        Dec 13
Income and benefits- gov’t programs                     Dec 15

Learning Your Computer
Documents                                                         Jan 12
Spreadsheets                                                      Jan 17
Managing email                                                 Jan 19
Photos                                                                 Jan 24
Internet – browsing                                            Jan 26

Bring the family out to an outdoor movie at the Assiginack Fairgrounds on Friday September 16th at sundown. 

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